First established in 2016, The Letter Well started off as an ode to calligraphy; to showcase the beauty in handwritten words. Today, The Letter Well has blossomed into an up-and-coming bespoke business providing gorgeous, unique prints which seek to adorn more than just your walls. 

As a faith-based business first and foremost, our products are made with utmost love and compassion. Each and every hand-lettered print is carefully crafted with the customer in mind. Our brand essence ‘Bloom, Flourish & Thrive’ translates into our goal to encourage and assist you in living out your best life! From hand-lettered prints and greeting cards to daily task pads and notebooks (coming soon!), rest assured that our products will be able to cater to your every need.

Despite being new to the scene, The Letter Well has already amassed a wealth of experience, and had the pleasure of serving notable clients over the years, including Victor’s Restaurant, Elan Café, L’Occitane, Eborian, Liz Earle and AO Whiskey.


Just like how water enables life, The Letter Well is your go-to stop for reinvigorating those mundane day-to-day activities with beautiful words & craft. Want to brighten up your day with an aesthetic quote or two? You’re at the right place. 

Meet Pelumi, the brains and founder behind the brand.  A self-taught, London-based calligrapher, her penchant for creating one-of-a-kind prints and paper goods stems from her desire to inspire others. She believes in helping others find the beauty in the small things, even the most ordinary. Pelumi is an enthusiast of all things floral, and incorporates her love of botanicals into her designs. 

But the most important aspect of what drives and motivates her business is her Christian faith. Pelumi’s faith and passion will always be reflected in her meticulous designs and efficient services. When it comes down to it, you can expect top-notch quality products delivered with love! On top of selling prints and paper goods to the public, she extends her modern calligraphy and lettering services to private and corporate clients.